Shipping & Information

Domestic Shipping:

UK £3.50 1st Class (SIGNED FOR ) 


International Shipping:

Europe: £15(Tracked)

USA & Canada: £25 (Tracked)

Rest of World: £30 (Tracked)

Interstellar Shipping:

Planet Express: £88 (Tracked)


Please note that Area 52 is not responsible for the payment of customs fees or taxes, as well as not issuing refunds for shipping or cost of order should you wish to refuse payment of customs fees or taxes. If for any reason your package is refused entry into your solar system or planet, it will be your responsibility to file the necessary paperwork with the correct star system operator.


Also, Area 52 will provide as much clarity as possible on deck condition prior to shipping, and will endeavour to ensure that all orders are shipped safely and securely, but will not issue refunds for minuscule damages to tuck cases.

 If your package is damaged due to gravitational atmospheric pressure when entering your planets atmosphere then please get in touch with holographic evidence. 


If you have any questions please contact via email Area 52's customer service hanger(S4). Or message via Instagram @dandanplayingcardman86 .